The Recommended Trips - Hronov, Broumov , the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Town Náchod is a starting point of trips to Hronov, the birthplace of Josef Čapek and Alois Jirásek. The international festival of amateur theatre groups " Jiráskův Hronov" takes place here for more than 70 years .Following the north direction we can visit Police nad Metují, Ostaš hill with its rock labyrinth, the hiking chalet Hvězda (Star) with well-known Baroque chapel built on the massive rock by design of K.I. Dientzenhofer in the shape of a star. The town Broumov is situated in a hollow between Javoří Hills and Broumov Walls. The most beautiful and exceptional monument here is the Benedictine monastry, rebuilt within years 1727-1733 by the Baroque master-builder Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. There is also the museum of Broumov area here.. At the municipal cemetery is the rare wooden church from 14th century.

To the north from Broumov Walls is situated the favourite aim of tourists, the national nature reserve Teplice nad Adršpach rocks with the lake and stately rock formations of bizzare shapes, diverse fauna and flora. The major part of this area belongs to Broumov Nature Preserve.

Kudowa Zdroj and Polish Spa Towns

Kudova Zdroj, is a very nice, trim, small spa town with an interesting old park situated easterly of Náchod, in the Kudowa hollow. There are cured here the illnesses of heart system, digestion and neurosis. Similar medical procedures are offered in other spa towns, e.g. Dušniki Zdroj - place famous for Frederik Chopin festivals or also in Polanica Zdroj.

Neighbouring Stolowe Hills with almost 900 metres high peaks "Bor and Hejšovina" can offer admirable view of both, Polish as well as Czech sides.

Peklo, Nové Město nad Metují, Slavoňov

Up the river Metuje stream leads a lovely tourist path through Peklo(Hell) Valley to Nové Město nad Metují. In the settlement Peklo the visitors are attracted by wooden building of the former old mill, rebuilt by the design of the architect Dušan Jurkovič into the hiking chalet, at the beginning of 20th century.

The historical core of Nové Město nad Metují ,situated upon the rocky cliff above the river ,is a jewel of Renaissance style urban architecture in Bohemia. The castle with French garden and Municipal Museum are open to public.

The wooden church of St. John the Baptist, built in 16th century in a small village called Slavoňov is listed in the UNESCO register of monuments.

Česká Skalice, Ratibořice, the Dam Rozkoš

In Česká Skalice , the town of textile workers , there are in former monastry and the Steidler Ale-house 2 museums - the Božena Němcová Museum and the Textile Museum. The later writer of revivalist period Božena Němcová attended here the school, a small wooden building standing close to the square. Following the instructive trail in the alley along Úpa river you will reach the picturesque valley of Ratibořice, so called Grandmothers Valley, with the old miil and the old bleaching house , places where the writer spent part of her childhood. The restored castle of Ratibořice offers its interiors to public.

Česká Skalice is situated on the shore of the Rozkoš dam, which is popular among lovers of windsurfing and yachting and also anglers.

The Cycling Routes

In Náchod and vinicity there are hundreds kilometres of marked tourist routes , national as well as regional ones. The route of KČT - Czech Hikers Club - joints the foothills of Giant Mountains - Krkonoše with Eagle Mountains - Orlické hory. Starting in Trutnov it leads through the Adršpach-Teplice sandstone rocks to Police nad Metují, Hronov, Dobrošov and Nový Hrádek ending in Deštné in Orlické Mountains.

The route No. 4034 leads from the fortress-town Josefov to Nové Město nad Metují and through Peklo (Hell) valley along river Metuje to Náchod. Following the route No. 4055 you will visit the battlefields of 1866 war. It starts at Náchod castle and ends in Village Václavice. The route No. 4095 starts in Rtyně v Podkrkonoší, passes Červený Kostelec, Zábrodí, Náchod and leads to Karlow under Hejšovina in Poland.


Ranch Lipí, situated at villages Lipí and Jizbice frontier, not far from Jirásek Hiking Chalet, offers horse rides for true beginners and passing tourists. For advanced riders there are organised the guided rides in the picturesque neighbourhood with panoramic views of the countryside. Ranch Gallop is situated in Malé Poříčí, at the main road from Náchod to Hronov. The rides there are available for an hour, a day or several days, also lodging for families is offered here.